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My roommate and I came up with a brilliant idea:


A movie website devoted to a simple yes or no answer of "does x movie" contain tits.

Okay I didn't think it was that great of an idea anyway.

Avatar prudence *
04-08-12 11:27
I gather from the very limited information that I *know* about you that you're a decent person and a nice guy. With that established, it's also important for me to express how words and actions affect others. I feel uncomfortable by comments that reduce women's value to sexualized body parts. Women are no longer treated as people with thoughts and feelings when they are objectified, when the only feature worth highlighting (as noted by the web address) is how their bodies are used to please other people, namely men. It may not seem like a big deal, but these comments affect people in harmful ways. They affect me. I would feel safer if objectifying comments were thought through, if the consequences of these comments were taken into consideration. I do appreciate your last comment about how you questioned the "brilliant" nature of this idea. Thanks Matt.
Avatar paul *
04-08-12 19:51
no, seriously...
holy shit prudence i hope you're trolling... this is so obviously a joke... it's from a seth rogen movie. knocked up i think
Avatar chucho *
04-09-12 20:41
Breathe deep
*Attempting to side step that debate* I assume you can find this information on IMDB where it tells you the MPAA rating. Granted not all movies are rated. But if you want to see naked people, why not watch a porn?
Avatar unfathomablej
04-09-12 21:05
scholar of China
It's objectifying and also stupid.
Avatar paul *
04-09-12 21:23
no, seriously...
i'm going to make this site just to be incendiary... as soon as i finish mormonipsum.com
Avatar prudence *
04-09-12 21:40
I noticed the prior discussion was deleted. Why?
Avatar teh0mega *
04-09-12 23:36
selfcentered guy
I didn't do anything :o
Avatar teh0mega *
04-09-12 23:37
selfcentered guy
It's because paul trimmed it like a gentleman onto the talk thread, as opposed to here. I didn't mean to cause quite the stir, indeed it was a joke, though somewhat uncouth.
Avatar prudence *
04-13-12 01:05
I've been on a mission to collect and write down awesome words I want to use in my next paper. Uncouth, what a great word!
Avatar sara *
04-13-12 14:37
Have some tea.
I just read this thread. Chill pills, people. Tits are great and much more enjoyable to look at than dicks, and especially vaginas. My husband and I use a "tits to minute" ratio when determining if we want to continue watching an otherwise unimpressive television show. It got us through the first season of "True Blood." Breasts have been and always will be a vital aspect of (some forms of) entertainment. Whether or not a woman wishes to expose her ta tas for money should be her choice and any violation of that choice should be met with a razor to the cock of the perpetrator.

Prudence, you must feel uncomfortable all the time. I'm all for women's rights, but I am also for public display of tits. I'm so conflicted now.
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