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more inebriated posting! 10-21-12 02:30
is it okay to settle? I would think not, but is content something to look up to?

In a land of disappointment, contentment seems nice. Happiness just seems like one of those goals that never happen.

Also, fuck all these spammers. I'll see if I can just get paul to disable journal creation or something, since it seems like our beautiful little website isn't really getting any bigger besides spam.
typical Matt elowel post 10-06-12 05:32
girls are weird and i'll never ever understand them.

unlike typical Matt elowel post this isn't really directed overtly at one girl or another, just a general statement.
Anyone know a decent place to get coffee around the Putnam area? Too lazy to drive to downtown and need to work that day.

My ex just broke up with her boyfriend of some random amount of time, will be in the area and wanted to catch up.
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